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In 2014 the Board of the Antwerpsche Diamantkring launched its Antwerp Rough Diamonds Days project inviting Antwerp and international rough diamond traders and miners to sell their goods in 2-day events that take place on the floor of the exchange. Due to its big success, the event is now held four times a year.

The Antwerp Rough Diamond Days have been fully subscribed with rough dealers from Antwerp and Israel offering goods and buyers from Antwerp, India, China, Tel Aviv and New York regularly visiting the event.

The Antwerp Rough Diamond Days initiative has resuscitated rough diamond trading on the floor of the exchange and in particular provides a secure platform for small and medium-sized buyers, both manufacturers and dealers, who do not receive direct allocations from a mining company to buy their rough. Buying rough on the floor of the exchange is also a welcome alternative for many buyers to the tender process where the outcome of submitting bids is not known until results are announced and where there is no opportunity for buyer and seller to build a supplier-customer relationship.

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