Antwerp’s Diamantkring Becomes First Diamond Bourse to Partner with the Natural
Diamond Council!

View the press release via the following link:
ADK x NDC – Press Release – 4.24.23



Natural Diamond Council – Diamond Facts:

DIAMOND FACTS #1 – Can you detect a laboratory-grown diamond from a natural diamond?

DIAMOND FACTS #2 – How are natural diamonds ethically sourced?

DIAMOND FACTS #3 – Are all laboratory-grown diamonds sustainable?

DIAMOND FACTS #4 – What have been the price trends for laboratory-grown diamonds?

DIAMOND FACTS #5 – Are natural diamonds rare?

DIAMOND FACTS #6 – What is the natural diamond industry doing to reduce its carbon footprint and protect biodiversity?

DIAMOND FACTS #7 – Do natural diamonds benefit their countries of origin?

DIAMOND FACTS #8 – How do I know whether I’m purchasing a natural or a laboratory-grown diamond?

DIAMOND FACTS #9 – Is the industry stockpiling diamonds to drive-up prices?

DIAMOND FACTS #10 – What are the working conditions like in the diamond industry?

DIAMOND FACTS #11 – Are natural diamonds traceable?

Learn more about the Natural Diamond Council’s diamond facts through the following link: Diamond Facts