The Antwerpsche Diamantkring is managed by a 14-member non-remunerated Board of Directors led by a President, Vice–President and 4 Executive Board members. 2 audit Commissioners have a non-voting seat. Board members are elected for a four-year term with elections held every 2 years providing member shareholders with the opportunity to vote fresh candidates with the guarantee of continuation.

The Kring leadership appoints different Board members to participate in various Trade, Security and Business committees reflecting directors’ particular competences.

The Board meets at least once a month. In addition to any other business a Board meeting is the forum where applications for new members are heard and where any disciplinary measures against members will be discussed and decided by the Board.

Alfred Inzlicht
Alfred InzlichtPresident
Michel Schonfeld
Michel SchonfeldVice President
Charles Cyto
Charles CytoExecutive Board Member
Dilip Thakker
Dilip ThakkerExecutive Board Member
Michael Vaughan
Michael VaughanExecutive Board Member
David Wahl
David Wahl Executive Board Member
Michel Grun
Michel GrunBoard Member
Ramesh Patel
Ramesh Patel Board Member
Chaim Pluczenik
Chaim PluczenikBoard Member
Lea Retter
Lea RetterBoard Member
Uri Skop
Uri SkopBoard Member
Jacky Weisz
Jacky WeiszBoard Member
Alain Zlayet
Alain ZlayetBoard Member
Marc-André Zucker
Marc-André ZuckerBoard Member
Serge Landau
Serge LandauAuditor
Eddy Vleeschdrager
Eddy VleeschdragerAuditor